White Whale / staff / Alex Romanovich


Alex spends most of his time doing 01101001, 10100101, and 01001001.

Alex has been noodling with bits and bytes since 1993 when he stopped taking apart the VCR and turned his attention to computer programming. Since its inception, he has been indispensable to White Whale; becoming a permanent full-time employee in 2004 and taking the lead in the development of our content management system. Residing in New York City's East Village, with his wife Nupuri and their cat Arianna, he is a graduate of NYU's film and psychology programs, an active writer and photography, and student of metaphysics.

As technical director of White Whale, he has developed an intimate understanding of higher ed needs, and has produced numerous tools to effectively manage content for universities across the United States. To complement his professional work, Alex has also created several open source projects for the PHP community.

With his proficiency in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, and (X)HTML, he has deployed a wide range of Web services in a variety of domains throughout his career. As head architect of LiveWhale, White Whale's content management system, he uses this experience to influence the management of web sites throughout the country toward greater functionality and ease of use.


Alex tweets at @alexwhitewhale.

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