We partner with colleges, universities, and independent schools around the world to create beautiful and engaging work that reflects the authentic spirit of the communities it represents.

We’re also the developers of LiveWhale Calendar, the finest calendaring software available today, and the equally superlative LiveWhale CMS content management platform.

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

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Our Services

We are a full service design and technology firm, with deep experience throughout higher ed and independent school communications.

Research and discovery: planning, focus groups, user testing, stakeholder interviews, research documentation

Brand development and message consulting: development of key themes and phrases to guide content development; graphic standards and visual identity design in print and online

Content strategy: review of current content (architecture and style) with detailed, page-by- page content recommendations; documentation of best practices for content development and writing for the Web; feature strategy for homepage and key landing pages

Information architecture: reorganization of existing site architecture as needed to reflect the needs of users; consulting and training on IA development best practices for content managers

Social media strategy: inventory of existing SM efforts and recommendations for future priorities and resource allocation

Web design: striking, innovative homepage designs; large bouquets of template and derivative site designs sharing a cohesive family resemblance; sophisticated jQuery-driven interaction models

Print design: viewbooks, admitted student materials, and other marketing collateral

Mobile design and build: specific designs for mobile devices from the beginning of the design process; responsive design and HTML5 code on all site pages; testing on a range of devices for compatibility and user experience

Accessibility and usability testing: review and testing of IA before final approval; user tests and focus groups of approved designs

CMS implementation: buildout and migration into either the LiveWhale CMS or another product if preferred

Writing and editing: full- featured copywriting and editorial services, for mission- critical top landing pages or entire sites

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028.

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The Team

We view our small size as a virtue, and we do not plan to get much bigger.

Our whole staff pays close attention to our clients’ concerns and interests throughout the course of every project we take on. Our approach to client service is immersive, collaborative, and integrated; by the end of your project, we hope you’ll think of us as part of your community.

Our eight-person team is based in the Bay Area, but four of our employees work from home offices around the US.

  • Jason Pontius President
  • Tonya Moyle Vice President
  • Janie Porche Creative Director
  • Alex Romanovich Technical Director
  • Laura McCord Director of Product Support
  • Naomi Royall Developer
  • Isaac McGowan Lead Developer,
    LiveWhale CMS & Calendar
  • Gary Bishop Office Manager

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

3 Chapter 3.

Client List

Our customers include some of the best, and most interesting, educational institutions in the world.

We are proud to have worked with a very wide range of institutions; no matter what the issues are at your school, odds are we’ve encountered them before in some form or another.

  • Santa Clara University
  • Occidental College 
  • Marymount Manhattan College
  • Southwestern University
  • Alma College
  • College of the Atlantic
  • Menlo School
  • Ursinus College
  • Middlebury College
  • Bemidji State University
  • Wharton Public Policy Initiative
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • New York University
  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
  • Merrimack College
  • Shimer College
  • Angelo State University

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

4 Chapter 4.

Recent Work

Finding space for great design while still accommodating the day-to-day needs of a college or university website is our biggest challenge, and our biggest inspiration.

We’re proud of the work we’ve created during our 10+ years in the business of higher ed web design.  Our creative practice is always growing and evolving; these are some recent examples of our work.

Bemidji State University College of the Atlantic Ursinus College Santa Clara University

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

5 Chapter 5.

LiveWhale CMS

Flexible and extensible like an open source CMS. Ready out of the box and supported like a proprietary CMS. LiveWhale was designed to be the best of both worlds.

White Whale developed LiveWhale CMS in 2008 specifically to meet the needs of the .edu communicators that we collaborate with on a daily basis; it’s the product of over a decade of work in higher ed web design and development. LiveWhale is used by over 20 colleges, universities, and independent schools worldwide.

LiveWhale is fine tuned for the work that institutions like yours do on the web, and—just as importantly—for the people whom you rely on to get that work done. There are a lot of ways to manage a website, but we don’t think you’ll find a solution anywhere that is as flexible, powerful, and friendly as LiveWhale.

For more information, visit the LiveWhale website at livewhale.com.

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

6 Chapter 6.

LiveWhale Calendar

LiveWhale Calendar is an easy-to-use enterprise calendaring system that brings all your calendars together in one place, and makes your events look great.

Developed by White Whale in 2013 and used by dozens of schools worldwide, LiveWhale Calendar is the only calendaring system in the world designed specifically to meet the marketing and communications needs of colleges and universities. 

LiveWhale Calendar is astonishingly easy to use; it integrates with all the calendars you’re already using, and a range of other databases and systems; it allows seamless sharing and content reuse among an unlimited number of users and groups; and its pricing is straightforward and simple, with no hidden fees and unlimited tech support.

Learn more at livewhale.com/calendar.

For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

A Chapter 7.


Our 2016 homepage pays tribute to the style and layout of the 1979 Arion Press edition of Moby-Dick.

Between 1978 and 1979 Andrew Hoyem undertook the ambitious production of an edition of Moby Dick for his Arion Press. All text in the book was hand-set in metal type (one character at a time) and letterpress printed on custom hand-made paper. To accompany the text throughout, 100 stunning wood engravings were cut by renowned printmaker and illustrator Barry Moser. Due to its high level of craftsmanship, the edition was limited to 265 copies, and is considered a masterpiece of modern bookmaking — named by the Grolier Club as one of the “100 Most Beautiful Books of the 20th Century”.

from Fonts in Use

The site’s font is set in Goudy Modern. Illustrations are by Barry Moser; photographs are mostly by Janie (fun stuff) and Mary McHenry (staff photos). We’ve built it in Bootstrap, as we do with most of our work lately. 


For new business inquiries, contact us at hello@whitewhale.net or by phone at (510) 808-4028 .

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